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We offer you content packs with SEO to position web projects with key advantages and to build and scale audiences in other formats such as ebooks, newsletters, social media…

‘Marketing Online’ Pack

This pack contains:

  • 1. Traffic report
  • 2. Optimized texts
  • 3. Collection of HD photos
  • 4. List of tweets

1. Comprehensive traffic report for derived keywords

List of 2,000 keywords variations of the keyword ‘online marketing’ with low or very high competition that represent an opportunity for the positioning of online web projects.

  • English language.
  • Territory: United States.
  • Updated traffic report for each keyword related to the search term ‘online marketing’.
  • Complete list of 2,000 ordered and classified keywords.
  • Information about the search volume of each keyword.
  • Information about the cost of pay per click.
  • Information about the estimation of the difficulty for paid positioning.
  • Information about the estimation of the difficulty for natural positioning, without payment.

2. SEO optimized texts

  • 100 original texts optimized for 100 different keywords.
  • Texts presented on individual sheets in format with an .odt extension.
  • Very well structured texts with titles, subtitles and descriptive examples included for each of the topics.
  • Texts with between 584 words and 1,065 words. Average words: 780-810.
  • + 80,000 words.

3. Supporting images

  • 200 images related to the theme ‘online marketing’.
  • Royalty free.
  • Titled and numbered images.
  • Images in HD (1,280X720 pixels).
  • 90% of the images are horizontal, 10% are vertical.
  • JPG format in 90%.

List of tweets

  • 250 original and different tweets.
  • Customizable tweets.
  • The tweets include high-value hashtags to viralize the content.
  • The tweets are written in different tones of expression.
  • Tweets are offered on a continuous sheet in Wordpad rich text format (.rtf extension).

Package delivery

  • The pack includes four downloadable files in a single compressed zip file.
  • Pack size: 52.0 MB.
  • The zip file is sent via a Google Drive link.

Therefore, a Gmail email address is required to receive the file via a custom link.